Best Anti-Snoring Devices 2020

If you or your partner snore regularly, then you know how disruptive it can be – especially if we’re the ones causing that annoying racket in the room.

Anti-snoring aids are increasingly popular as we begin to recognize the poor impact sleep has upon health, work performance, and daytime functioning.


Causes of Snoring

One of the main reasons for snoring is due to the interference of the ever-growing fat tissues in the respiratory tract, especially around the nostrils and throat, blocking the free airflow during sleep. Because air has to flow through the narrow area, turbulences emerge, which put the surrounding tissue into vibration mode, thus, producing the well-dreaded snoring sound.

Tongue Snoring

Tongue snoring is the most common of all types of snoring. It happens when the base of your tongue falls back into the throat during sleep. Due to gravity, this only occurs when you sleep in a prone position (on your back). When it happens, the tongue base narrows or obstructs the airways as it slides back. The constricted breathing passage will vibrate excessively, causing you to snore.

The snoring occurs in spurts, with a tone that is usually higher than usual.


Stick your tongue out to the maximum, holding it between your teeth and make a snoring sound.

If you can’t snore with your tongue in this position, the snoring probably stems from the best of your tongue.


Snoring mouthpieces; positional therapy

Nose Snoring

Impaired nasal breathing can be due to a variety of reasons including allergies, cold, or a crooked nasal septum.

The snoring noise is a consistent rumbling, grunting, or fluttery sound. It may also sound like the whistling of a kettle.


Use your finger to close one nostril and breathe through the other one. If the nostril collapses but improves once you prop it with a cotton swab, then your blocked nose is the culprit.


Nasal strips; nose vents

Mouth Snoring

Mouth snoring is due to the narrowing of the transition from the oral cavity to the throat. Nose blockage can also trigger mouth snoring.

The snoring sound is an evenly fluttery or rumbling noise. It sounds like a slack sail in the wind.


Snore with your mouth open and then with your mouth closed.

If you can make a snoring sound with your mouth open, but not with it closed, it means that you might be predominantly breathing through your mouth while sleeping.


Nasal Strips

Throat Snoring

The snoring noise is loud, followed by long phases of quietness. The sound is also unrhythmic.

The throat tissues relax during sleep, sinking into the respiratory tract and blocking it. Air cannot pass through easily, causing breathing to stop. When the body notices that you stop breathing, it triggers you to wake up. The muscles tense, and then airways open up again. This process repeats itself several times per night and leads to irregular breathing.

If you snore regardless of which sleeping position you lie in and at the same time breathing stops in regular intervals, this indicates that you are suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is dangerous and should always be diagnosed by a healthcare professional.


Types of Anti-Snoring Devices

The ideal anti-snoring device depends on the exact cause of snoring.

  Mouthguard Snoring Chin Straps Nasal Strips Nose Vents Anti-Snore Pillow
Our Recommendation ZQuiet




Breath Right Extra

Breath Right Extra

Dortz Anti-Snoring

Dortz Anti-Snoring

Celliant Pillow

Celliant Pillow

Suitable for Tongue snorer Tongue snorer;

Mouth snorer

Nose snorer Nose snorer Tongue snorer
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Best Mouthguard



Also known as mandibular advancement device, gumshields, snoring mouthpiece, and so on. They work by shifting your lower jaw (mandible) forward to tighten the upper airway tissues and are unable to slip to the back of the throat. The airways remain unobstructed, and the snoring stops.

ZQuiet offers more than the other Mandibular Advancement Devices in the market. With ZQuiet, there’s no need to worry about snoring anymore; anyone can breathe easy!

ZQuiet comes with two mouthpieces that look alike but have different designs. Both of these will move our jaw to prevent the tongue from falling back, but each one has a different effect. The company recommends using the “Comfort 1” mouthpiece for a few days so that your jaw can adjust. If that doesn’t help, you can move onto the “Comfort 2” mouthpiece, which will push the jaw more.

What’s incredible about ZQuiet is that there’s no need to mold it. You can start using it straight away or make small adjustments by trimming it or filing it to suit your mouth. Also, since it’s made of medical-grade thermoplastic polymer, most users find it quite comfortable and practical. It doesn’t irritate the mouth, nor does it come off ultimately.

The design is truly ingenious and a real selling point! With ZQuiet, you can talk, eat, and live your life, as well as breathe comfortably due to its “living hinge.” What’s more, it will last about 12 months and is rather easy to clean. Overall, it’s the ultimate solution for all snorers and even teeth grinders out there!

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Best Chin Strap

Quiet Panda Anti-snoring Chin Strap


Chin straps for snoring is usually made from a flexible fabric or neoprene material. It is placed under your chin and wraps around your head, keeping your mouth closed while you sleep. This prevents air from traveling to and from your throat and over the tongue.

Many satisfied customers switch to Quiet Panda after trying other anti-snoring chin straps first. Double strapping improves the fit significantly.

Quiet Panda is a 1-size fits all, with numerous hook and loop closure adjustments. It’s also compatible with CPAP masks. The double strapping reduces overnight slippage. Furthermore, it prevents dry mouth through superior jaw support.

Once it’s fit is appropriately adjusted, there’s no need to re-adjust the Velcro straps every time you use it. It’s lightweight and comfortable without any itching or scratchiness to it. It also doesn’t slip off at night when you toss and turn. Instead, it lets you sleep in your usual position without worrying about snoring.

It’s not without a downfall, however. You need to let the air out before the first use. Furthermore, the straps can leave marks on your skin. And if you are more significant, the chin strap may not fit you snugly.

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Best Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Extra Strong Nasal Strips

Breath Right Extra

Nasal strips work by pulling the nostrils and sides of the nose open to ease breathing through your nose.

Breathe Right nasal strips’ goal is to relieve nasal congestion and reduce snoring. They do this by opening up nasal passageways. Also, this product is the right solution for those who have a cold, allergies, or even a deviated septum.

We would recommend these nasal strips to anyone who as a long-term problem with snoring. Also, those with temporary breathing problems can use it as well. It will help users to breathe and sleep better.

Breathe Right nasal strips look like adhesive bandages and are very easy to use. You need to place a strip above your nostrils and gently press it into the skin. It is recommended to clean the face before putting this product on to make sure that the strip stays on the nose during the whole night.

What’s great is that these come in one size that fits everyone. The adhesive that these strips have s strong enough to keep them attached to the nose throughout the night. What’s more, they are easy to remove in the morning. You should pull one corner gently and then slowly detach the rest of the strip. These strips do not leave any residue after they are removed.

Breathe Right extra-strong nasal strips are an excellent choice for those who need a nasal strip. They will widen the nostrils and reduce snoring. Additionally, they are a fantastic option for anyone who is dealing with temporary problems with nasal congestion.

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Best Nose Vents

Dortz Anti-Snoring Stopper Nose Vents

Dortz Anti-Snoring

Nose vents solve nasal breathing by gently widen the nostrils to make it easier for air to flow through your nose. When air flows better, nasal respiration recovers and the snoring stops.

We recommend Dortz anti-snoring nose vents because they are gentle and comfortable to use. They improve the nasal airflow, and, as a result, effectively prevent you from snoring.

The kit comes with eight pairs of vents. There are four sizes and two types of nose vents, so you can try them all and decide which type and size suit you the best. Also, since there are a lot of pieces that you need to carry with you, Dortz conveniently provides you with an anti-bacterial storage case.

Dortz anti-snoring nose vents are made of quality medical materials. Additionally, the design follows the shape of a nose, so they are straightforward to use. However, it is essential to mention that those with allergies should consult their doctors before using this product.

To sum up, Dortz anti-snoring nose vents provide nose snorers a great solution. These nose vents help the air to flow better, therefore making it easier to breathe.

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Best Anti-Snore Pillow

CelliantOrthopedic Wellness Memory Foam Pillow

Celliant Pillow

Anti-snoring pillows keep your airways open by correcting the alignment of your head and neck. This, in turn, helps to reduce and eliminate the vibrations in your throat caused by the air you inhaled in your sleep. For back sleepers, a contoured pillow is most beneficial due to the support it renders the head and neck.

The CelliantOrthopedic pillow is designed using elastic materials that adapt to both pressure and heat. This, in turn, enables it to mimic the natural contours of your neck and head, improving their alignment and keeping the airway open as you sleep. It adjusts your sleep posture, which in turn would reduce snoring during the night.

This pillow is easy to maintain. It is hypoallergenic and comes with a removable zipper cover. It is also suitable for sleep apnea sufferers as it is compatible with CPAP machines.

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