Best Bean Bag Chairs for Sensory Processing Disorder 2020

Bean bag chairs are the ultimate comfort furniture. The bean filling creates an even, deep pressure touch that provides a soothing sense of security. This is especially important for kids with hyperactivity or sensory processing disorder.

The bean bag chairs are also a safe place to run and crash into for sensory stimulation. They are plush and offer a safe outlet for aggressive behavior.

As a seating option, bean bag chairs help is useful for children who have poor muscle tone (hypotonia), which is common with kids on the autism spectrum. Bean bag chairs have the adequate mass to act as a weight-lifting too for the arms or legs.

You can place two bean bag chairs conjointly to provide gentle sensory pressure for both the lower and upper body. You can also squish your child between two bean bags to ensure even pressure all over the child’s body.

With the wide variety of features, buying a bean bag chair that provides the comfort and style you want is very important. To ease sensory overload, choose a bean bag chair with a microsuede fabric that comes in neutral colors.

In this article, we would like to present you with the five best bean bag chairs for your kids.


Best convertible bean bag

CordaRoy’s Chenille

CordaRoy’s Chenille

This big bean bag chair – as seen on TV’s hit show Shark Tank – isn’t just a bean bag chair at all, but does double duty converting into a full-sized bed for guests (and then back again) in no time at all!

Far and away one of the best big bean bags money can buy, the versatility of this bean bag chair helps to set it apart from the rest of the pack. Flip it from a comfortable, cozy, and oversized bean bag perfect for relaxing into a full-sized bed that is equally soft, plush, but with plenty of firmness as well as a game changer.

All you have to do to convert this bag is unzip the cover itself and allow the bag to “unfold” itself – it does everything for you! Available in three different sizes (full mattress, queen mattress, and king mattress) you won’t find too many large bean bags that are as flexible as this one.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about tiny little beans spilling all over the place should your bean bag pop open with this option. It has been filled with memory foam-like material that’s long-lasting, soft, yet supportive.

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Best Storage Bean Bag Chair

Creative QT stuffed animal

Creative QT stuffed animal

Trying to find the best bean bag chairs for kids can be a little bit of an uphill battle, but the most significant thing about this particular option is that it has been designed for kids specifically – with a fun and friendly design and aesthetic that is also perfectly sized for kids as well!

Designed to last for years and years, the company behind this bean bag for kids understands just how much use and abuse these kids of casual furniture are going to see over time. The manufacturer stands behind their product so much that they offer a full lifetime guarantee so that you never have to worry about this bean bag disappointing (or falling apart) anytime soon!

Another neat little feature of this bean bag specifically designed for children is that it has internal storage space for up to 50+ stuffed animals. With a mountain of storage available inside of this bean bag, it grows to about 38 inches in diameter when wholly full but also helps you keep playrooms and living spaces clean and uncluttered without having to add a dedicated storage solution to the mix.

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Best lounger

Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger

Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger

Another of the top bean bag chairs for kids available on the market today, this bean bag lounger has been specifically designed with smaller bodies in mind – perfectly cradling and supporting children of all shapes and sizes while at the same time very much feeling like it has been crafted for them individually.

Any bean bag for kids has to be fun, has to be comfortable, and has to be durable to withstand that kind of use that kids are inevitably going to put these pieces of casual furniture through.

This particular bean bag is made out of 100% high-quality polyester materials (manufactured in the United States) and has just the right amount of firmness and support to be comfortable but plenty of room to “stretch” so that it doesn’t tear into pieces during rough use.

The zippered removable cover is 100% machine washable as well, helping you keep things nice and clean no matter what might get spilled on accident onto this bean bag specifically for kids. Contoured sides make this a dream to take a nap as well, helping this bean bag do double duty in a playroom or bedroom!

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Best classic bean bag

ECR4Kids Standard Classic

ECR4Kids Standard Classic

As much a classic bean bag as you’re going to find on today’s marketplace, this bean bag for kids is solid, well-built, and about as soft as can be – thanks to its washable leather polyurethane cover. All you’ll need is a little bit of soap, and some warm water and this bean bag will be restored to brand-new condition.

Available in different colors (as well as two different sizes, Junior and Standard), this is precisely the kind of classic bean bag that so many parents reminisce from their childhood – the sort of bean bag chairs for kids they want their children to grow up playing with as well.

The entire bean bag has been double stitched throughout to add extra strength as well as to smooth out any rough edges, and dual zippered compartments make sure that all the little “beans” stay exactly where they are supposed to (on the side of the chair).

Parents will also be happy to learn that this bean bag is 100% GreenGuard Gold certified, promising that no chemical pollutants were used in the manufacturing of this product and that it improves air quality as well.

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Best for adults

Chill Sack

Chill Sack

Bean bags don’t only exist in the landscape of ultra-casual furniture pieces or “toss around” toys that you can also sit on.

This particular big bean bag chair is a perfect example of something a little bit cooler, little more sophisticated, and designed towards adults that want a funky piece of furniture in their space without making it feel too “immature.”

It may be impossible to find a more sophisticated, a more “grown-up,” and yet still a fantastic down-to-earth bean bag chair on the market today than this one. If you are an adult looking to have an oversized bean bag added to your space, you can’t go wrong with these big bean bags!

Oversized for sure (measuring in at 60” x 60” x 34”) and filled top to bottom with shredded memory foam – with every one of these large bean bags made 100% in the USA – you will have a tough time finding anything more relaxing, more comfortable, and more luxurious than this.

Because of the shredded memory foam filler material, you’ll be able to casually sink right into this bean bag with your entire body supported, offering just the right amount of “pushback” while cradling your body at the same time. You’ll also find it to be warm but never too hot the way that some other bean bag chairs might be.

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