Best Fitness Trampolines 2020

Trampolines are fun and provide much needed whole body workout for kids and adults alike! Not only can a trampoline provide hours of enjoyment for the entire family, but it can also help boost your cardiovascular health.

If studies by NASA are to be believed, trampolining can be twice as effective as running on a treadmill. Furthermore, it is low-impact and burns calories efficiently.

There are different types of trampolines available. Fret not; we are here to take the guessing game out of it. In this article, we will list the best fitness trampolines available on the market.



Let’s look at what you need to consider before choosing an excellent trampoline for yourself and your family.


Some trampolines will feature premium safety features. The enclosure nets will keep you from bouncing off the trampoline. Furthermore, having ample padding around the trampoline will provide a needed safety buffer between you and the springs underneath the filling.


The frame of a trampoline should not only be sturdy and durable but also treated with a rust-proof coating. When it comes to durability, galvanized steel has you covered – it is firm and rust-resistant.

The legs of a trampoline should have anti-slip rubber and rust-proof coating. Depending on trampoline size, these legs can either be close to each other or spread across the frame in an “L-shape.” The latter feature would prevent the trampoline from tipping over.


Spring-based trampolines are made with a stretched canvas or stretched mat fixed with a steel frame and metal coil springs. These are high-tension springs, although with minimal shock absorbency rate. The springs should be well-balanced to confer the lift your workout routine requires.

Springless trampolines tend to make trampolines safer for both children and adults. It uses fiberglass rods to support the jumping surface in place of both steel frame build and metal coils. It reduces the number of injuries, and the padding the enclosure is better sealed for rugged shock absorbency than spring-based trampolines.

Size & Shape

Size matters. In many cases, bigger is better. But if you have limited space, this can be a deal-breaker.

Measure the area where the trampoline will be set up and ensure ample space around it to avoid bumping into objects if you bounce off the trampoline.

Round trampolines are the most versatile and common type for recreational purposes. You’ll find trampolines ranging from 5 up to 16 feet in diameter. They come in the right fit and size for any backyard. Most popular outdoor trampolines used for occasional bouncing fun. That said, the features of round trampolines can’t get any better than this:

  • They are safety-net enclosure-friendly. Not all trampolines are.
  • They offer incredible force distribution for safety.
  • They’re lightweight and portable.
  • Most affordable.

Rectangular trampolines are built for professionals and athletes to practice on. They’re more compact and location-friendly than other types of trampolines. Rectangle trampolines are the most popular trampolines among gymnasts. Although rectangular trampolines aren’t used by many for recreational purposes, they do have a few unique features to boast of:

  • You can fit them in tight corners and spaces.
  • It offers a higher bounce than round trampolines.

Mini trampolines are ideal for fitness-related uses. They’re not only affordable and compact but also the best alternative for strength and balance training indoors. If you have a small home gym, a mini trampoline can fit in snugly.

Weight Limit

Take note of the weight limit of the trampolines to ensure safety. Figure out the number of people and total weight.


Best Fitness Trampolines

Editor’s Choice

Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle ASG-40

Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle

If you are looking to get into shape while having some fun, this fitness trampoline could be the ideal choice for you. It is suitable for homes and gyms and comes at an affordable price. The Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer will make it simpler to improve your cardio fitness without feeling as though you are putting yourself through a grueling workout. Durable and well-designed, this is a trampoline that will enable you to combine fun and fitness with ease.

With its compact and portable design, it is easy to store this fitness trampoline away. You can even take it along with you in the car if you are going to travel. Ideal for both men and women, this trampoline will help to aid your fitness levels in a variety of ways. When you use the trampoline, you will work on various muscle groups, and you can enjoy improving your balance and coordination. Using this trampoline also enables you to benefit from a good cardio workout as well as boosting your calorie burn.

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Best Indoor Trampoline

MOVTOTOP Rebounder Trampoline

MOVTOTOP Rebounder Trampoline

Solidly built and highly durable, the MOVTOTOP Rebounder Trampoline provides you with a safe, secure, and fun way to get into shape with greater ease. This trampoline uses exclusive technology that enhances the springs for a more significant bounce. It is also designed to resist rust around the metal legs. It comes with more than 30 resistance springs and can support the weight of up to 220 pounds. This trampoline can be used by both kids looking to have some fun and adults looking to boost their fitness levels.

The trampoline mat is made from anti-abrasion material to help enhance safety and is also wear-resistant and waterproof. It is also made in a foldable design, which makes it very easy to store away or to take with you on your travels. The sturdy construction of the trampoline means it should last for years, which means you can continue to stay in shape.

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Best Outdoor Trampoline

Zupapa Trampoline

Zupapa Trampoline

If you are looking for a trampoline that is ideal for the kids, provides effective safety measures, and comes at an affordable price, the Zupapa TUV-approved trampoline is an excellent choice. Available in sizes including 12, 14, and 15 feet, this is an enclosed trampoline that has safety netting all around it to eliminate the risk of bouncing off the side and causing injury. The no-gap design of the jumping mat helps to reduce the risk of injuries further.

TUV tested and certified; this is an excellent choice for parents who want to provide their kids with a great form of fun and exercise but also want to benefit from the peace of mind. The innovative design and build of this trampoline mean that it is robust and should last for many years to come without any problems. You even get a ten-year warranty on the frame and two-year warranty on the mat. The trampoline comes with a ladder, so getting on and off is even simpler. It is easy to put together and has a waterproof cover to keep protected during rainy weather.

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Best In-Ground Trampoline

Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline

Avyna Pro-Line In-Ground Trampoline

The Avyna trampoline measures 14 feet in diameter. It boasts a modern design and sturdy build, which means you can look forward to many years of fun and exercise. It has a modern in-ground design, which means you will be jumping far closer to the ground. This is a great way to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents resulting from falls. This is the perfect addition to your garden and is excellent for both adults and kids to enjoy a little fun and exercise outdoors. The lifetime guarantee offers optimal protection and peace of mind.

The galvanized springs that are used to create this trampoline provide a superior bounce for a much more thrilling trampoline experience. Because there is minimal soil removal involved when it comes to installing the in-ground trampoline, it is something you can do yourself with speed and ease. Also, its proximity to the ground means that there is no need to worry about safety nets, as users are not going to fall from a height as with standard trampolines. It is not going to get blown about where there are storms or extreme winds because it is dug into the ground.

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Best Toddler Trampoline

Little Tikes Trampoline

Little Tikes Trampoline

If you have young children, you know how difficult it can be to keep them amused and entertained. Well, you can invest in this fabulous Little Tikes Trampoline, which will provide your little one with an excellent source of fun and excitement. Measuring at 3 feet, this trampoline is colorful, secure, safe, and fun for your kids to use, making it an ideal purchase for any parent. You can also choose from open and enclosed variations based on your preferences. With this trampoline, your child can have fun and burn off some of that energy.

The trampoline has a large jumping surface and also comes with a handle, which helps to enhance safety for your little one. It is made from a combination of plastic and metal and is designed to be used indoors. The product is intended for use by children aged between three and six years. It has sturdy feet to ensure it remains grounded while your child bounces on it. While it does require home assembly, it is easy and quick to put together, so your child can be having fun in no time.

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