Beauty trends come and go, and, boy, don’t they do it fast! Hair color trends are rapid to change because, let’s face it, sometimes you cannot go to the beach with your cappuccino brown locks! Our hair color needs to change with the season and, thus, with the trends. What’s more, sometimes we yearn for a change — be it small or radical — which will boost our spirit!

But what’s the latest trendy hair color? Of course, thanks to social media, we can easily catch up with the trendsetters and see what crazy things they are doing to their hair. However, it’s always best to be ahead of the trend and predict the next best thing, right?

So, to see which way the winds are blowing in 2019, we asked the right people — the experts, the gods of color and styling! Here’s what they had to say about the best hair colors for 2019!



Brown is powerful, versatile, warm, and classy. If you do not want to experiment or are unsure about what would look good on you, brown is the safest option. But just because it’s safe, that doesn’t mean it’s boring! Brown has a whole variety of shades that go well with every skin tone and eye color.


Natural Light Brown

Natural Light BrownLight BrownBrown

Light brown is a classic that goes well with a whole array of hairstyles. Since it is positioned somewhere in the middle of the scale between blond and dark brunette, it is an excellent choice when you want a natural but and still eye-catching look. Natural light brown looks fantastic on long hair because it almost looks like it has a subtle ombre effect. The longer the hair, the lighter the ends, which gives an illusion of an ombre.


Light Brown With a Delicate Balayage

brownlight brownlight brown with balayage

Light Brown With a Delicate Balayagelignt_brown1light_brown2

Balayage is a specific hairstyle, where the process of applying color is essential. With balayage, the hair gets progressively lighter from the roots to the ends. The whole idea of balayage is to look delicate and natural. Blending two shades in such a natural and subtle manner gives a look that’s simple yet elegant.


Light Golden Brown

Light Golden BrownNatural Light BrownGolden BrownLight-Golden-Brownlight_golden_brownLight Brown

Brown blending with gold gives a vibrant color with a fierce character. You’ll love the vibrant shades, mainly because they go well with any skin complexion.


Dark Brown With Highlights

Dark Brown With HighlightsDark BrownDark_Brown_With_HighlightsDark_BrownBrown With Highlights

The good news about dark brown hair is that it’s pretty versatile in terms of adding other colors. It will look good with both soft and sharp highlights, depending on the effect we are looking for. Also, that makes dark brown style applicable to many skin tones. Combine it with metallic red colors and your darker skin tone will shine forth; add brighter caramel or grayish tones, and it will look perfect if you are fair-skinned!

Furthermore, this style gives us numerous opportunities to express ourselves. If we want to add character to our hairstyle, we can go for very distinctive highlights, both natural and not-so-natural (you know, something like going from caramel to green or purple). And for that classic beauty look, we can combine our dark brown color with its subtle shades.


Ombre Dark Brown

Ombre Dark BrownOmbre_Dark_BrownOmbre-Dark-Brownombre dark brownombre-dark-brownombre_dark_brown

Ombre is like Madonna: it never goes out of style. There is a simple reason for that: it looks good, it is easy to achieve, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This technique requires applying the hair color to the ends of the hair without paying too much attention to the blending of the colors. Ombre is a popular choice among both women and men because it looks good with many hairstyles.



When we say light, we mean it. From bright platinum to silverish gray, these silver shades are the newest hot trend. Time to make your hair more platinum than Daenerys Targaryen’s!


Blue-GrayBlue Gray

Blue silver looks classy, and it fits different hairstyles regardless of the length of the hair. These two colors make for a great combination, which feels quite enchanting.



Lilac-GrayLilac Graylilac-graylilac gray

If you want a trendy, bold look without reaching for vibrant neon colors, lilac is a great option. It is gentle, but it still has plenty of character. If you use the proper shampoo, you’ll only need 10 minutes before you’ve added some seductive lavender shades to your hair!



Pink-GrayPink Gray


If you are craving for a bit of a little girly shade woven in your platinum locks, pink-gray color is what you need. Just like with any other color, make sure you know how dense you want the pink to be and leave the product you are using only for as long as needed.

To achieve these combinations, you need to have dyed your hair in the light blond-platinum-silverish spectrum already. After that, there are plenty of products you can use to add color, from temporary and permanent hair dye to shampoos and conditioners.



Good news, everyone! Red is on-trend, again! Well, let’s be honest — when it was red, not trendy? From Poison Ivy to the Little Mermaid, red has always been a symbol of hotness and peculiarity. Nothing’s more attractive than a red-haired beauty.

Red Copper

Red CopperRed-CopperRed_Copper

red copperred-copperred_opper

Old but gold, this style is gorgeous and rich in color. A combination of red and bronze, the color is excellent by itself or with some additional gold nuances.


Dark Auburn

Dark AuburnDark-AuburnDark_Auburn

dark auburndark-auburndark_auburn

A classy hair color, dark auburn gives you a smart, stylish look and emphasizes your warm or neutral skin color.



Red-BrownRed BrownRed_Brown

red-brownred brownred_brown

Another stylish red comes from this mix between red and brown. Given that mixing different colors is all the rage at the moment, a red-brown look will keep you on-trend! Red and brown blend well together to create a deep yet soft shade.


A Few Parting Words

Ladies and gentlemen, there are plenty of choices when it comes to refreshing your hair. From silver platinum beach hair to the copper-red mystique, the options are galore! The most important thing to remember is that the best hair look is a healthy one. Therefore, remember to keep yourself hydrated since that is vital for the health of your hair. Always take care of it, no matter how you treat it. Use the best products for your hair type — oils, conditioners, etc. This will keep the hair healthy and the colors vibrant for a more extended period.

Oh, and the most important thing: remember that you are always beautiful!