The Best TENS Units That Marked 2020

Top Picks: The Best TENS Units That Marked 2020

Most Portable Unit: PowerDot 2.0 Duo Smart Muscle Stimulator

PowerDot 2.0 Duo Smart Muscle Stimulator

The Pros

Innovative Customization

PowerDot 2.0 Duo Smart Muscle Stimulator shines as the most portable and compact device among TENS units. Now, thanks to PowerDot’s technology, you can put your smartphone to better use and transform it into a TENS unit. With your phone as the controller, you can ease into your electrical stimulation program of choice and finally get rid of pain. 

The PowerDot app is adaptable and responsive to your needs. Its powerful technology allows you to pinpoint painful areas and rate your pain levels. Additionally, you can specify the type of pain you are experiencing, as well as your tolerance levels.

That information then helps PowerDot design a program just for you. Then, in order to aid your therapy, the app lets you track pain levels and the impact of the treatment.

Advanced Technology and New Features

PowerDot updates automatically, which gives you new features. Upon introducing a system perk, such as Long Haul Flight mode, the feature installs as soon as the app updates. With automatic updates, you don’t have to worry whether your system is fully functional!

While these features seem too specific at times, anyone is free to give them a shot and find exactly what they need. For example, flyers will definitely benefit from Long Haul Flight mode, but as will anyone with a sedentary job experiencing discomfort.

In case you’re tired of trying out novelties, PowerDot lets you enjoy the classics as well. Such is its exceptional “Massage” mode, which increases oxygen and blood flow in the painful area. Each massage lasts for five minutes, with 30-minute breaks. 

As a final point, PowerDot’s technology and adjustability give it an advantage over its competition. Are you scrolling through social media or boosting your health? Keep everyone around you guessing!

Are There Any Downsides? 

PowerDot uses up to two sets of pods and pads. In case you need greater coverage, such as for a full-back massage, it may not be ideal. It’s best you consult with a professional on pad placement for the most effective use of PowerDot pods. 

As PowerDot technology monitors pain relief levels, it tailors the treatment to each consumer. That, however, means that standard control options are missing. Since the PowerDot app is always improving, though, this is a feature to look forward to in the next update.

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Best Multifunctional Unit: iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit 

iReliev TENS + EMS Combination Unit

The Pros

Versatile and Simple

iReliev’s Wireless TENS + EMS multifunctional unit offers a total of 14 programs. Among those, eight TENS programs will relieve pain, while six EMS programs will gently stimulate your muscles. 

Aside from its versatility, the unit’s simplicity is staggering! With only four buttons to master, it offers instant relief without a difficult setup. Furthermore, iReliev is very easy to apply and pleasant to use. Using other units would mean using two separate pads. Luckily, iReliev combines the two so as to provide you with utmost comfort.

With 25 intensity levels to choose from, the unit lets you take treatment strength into your own hands. Each channel allows for independent setup, so you can choose different intensity levels. For instance, in case your left shoulder is in greater pain than the right, this device can offer relief, exactly the way you need it.

Finally, you can vary treatment duration as well. The device allows for treatment options that last from five to 60 minutes, depending on your needs. 

Furthermore, it offers maximum comfort. It lets you nuance simulation strength based on pain levels. While testing the unit, we didn’t go past level 14 for any of the TENS programs. So, programs that aren’t too intense are more than satisfactory, with plenty of stronger options left to choose from.

Discreet and Compact

The device is highly discreet due to its wireless system. Without bulky wires connecting the controller and the pads, you can use the unit wherever you go!

Additionally, you can memorize your settings from previous sessions, which makes the use much more pleasant. The next time you switch on the unit, you can go on with your favorite session setup. You won’t have to search through the modes each time!

Lastly, the system comes with a storage case that you can use to keep the unit safe.  The case houses each part of the unit while shielding it from drops and damage. Also, it lets you take the device anywhere with you for immediate pain relief. 

Are There Any Downsides? 

The screen size of the unit is somewhat underwhelming in comparison to other similar products. Nevertheless, the design and display allow for easy information transfer without inconveniencing the users. Additionally, the screen’s small size makes the remote more compact and snug.

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Best Wearable Unit: Quell  


The Pros

Clinically Approved and Easy to Use

Quell is a medical unit that you are free to use without a prescription. Ideal for treating chronic pain or arthritis, it offers pain relief for as long as you need.

In order to track your progress, Quell comes with a Quell Relief App. The app offers options such as documenting your sleep quality and pain levels, which helps you rate your treatment.

Not only does it use helpful technology and is easy to acquire, but Quell is clinically approved, too. Specialists advise you to use Quell up to three times a day in the first month in order to achieve the best results.  

Powerful and Long-Lasting

Quell falls into the category of TENS and is a wearable intensive nerve stimulation (WINS). Unlike a typical TENS unit, Quell is up to 10 times more powerful. Furthermore, it can work continuously, producing greater effects.

As it’s safe to use throughout day and night, night use improves sleep quality in those suffering from night pains. You can finally recharge, as Quell’s system blocks pain signals and stimulates your pain relief response.

Are There Any Downsides? 

Too much use can cause skin irritation or tingling. To prevent this, it’s best you remove Quell for 15 minutes every five hours of use, or after overnight use.

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Most Budget-Friendly Unit: TechCare Plus 24 

TechCare Plus 24

The Pros

Ideal for Testing TENS Technology

Do you want to give TENS programs a shot but don’t want to break the bank? If that’s a yes, then check out TechCare’s Plus 24

Plus 24 features 24 stimulation programs. With six groups and each of them having four modes, you are sure to find the right program to relieve your type of pain.

Uninterrupted Use

The device is dual-channel, so you can treat two areas at the same time, and it offers 20 intensity levels. Furthermore, it comes with rechargeable batteries that allow for 20-hour use. If anything, that makes it perfect for long flights or office hours.

Are There Any Downsides? 

The manual you get with the device may pose a problem to some users. The instructions don’t contain pad placement diagrams for further guidance.

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