Healthy Dining

Best Vegetarian Recipes for Healthy Dining

Gone are those days when every meal was meat-centric. Many food companies are trying to offer more plant-based meals. We’ve gathered the best vegetarian recipes


Sleep Apnea Treatment Types

Sleep apnea is a common sleep condition that occurs when your breathing is interrupted throughout the sleep cycle. These interruptions are caused by the collapse

Pain Relief Solutions

Pelvic Pain – Endometriosis

What is endometriosis? Endometriosis is a common gynecological disorder, affecting up to 10 percent of women of reproductive age. You’re not alone if you have

Knee Pain

All You Need to Know About Knee Pain

The knee copes with a great deal of forceful impact. Hence, knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. With today’s

Jaw Tooth Ache

All You Need to Know About Jaw Pain

Jaw pain is a common complaint with many underlying causes. It could either be due to issues in the jaw itself or its surrounding structures

Hip & Thigh Pain

All You Need to Know About Hip Pain

Our hip joint is a marvel of flexibility – they confer power when we stride and also absorb the impact when we jump. However, it

Abdominal Pain

Causes of lower left abdominal pain

The lower left of the abdomen is home to the final part of the colon. In some women, it may also be home to the

Foot & Ankle Pain

Everything You Need To Know About Gout

A gout is a form of arthritis that commonly affects the joints in the base of the big toe. It is caused by a buildup


Exfoliation Types, Benefits & How – To’s

Exfoliation is touted as the key to achieving glowing and radiant skin. Regardless of your age, your skin will benefit from this skincare step. Specifically,


How to Stop Snoring

If you snore, you’re not alone. Everybody snores occasionally. Snoring occurs whenever the airways are obstructed. As air struggles to travel through your airways, it

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