Best Essential Oils For Quick Weight Loss

Is your own body fighting against your weight loss efforts? Have you tried all the conventional diets & exercises but to no avail? Essential oils can be your missing secret weapon for your weight loss program.

The essential oil can fuel your weight loss by fighting against constant cravings, fatigue, and indigestion. With just a few drops of the essential oils mentioned below, you can overcome weight loss plateau.


Briefly, essential oils can aid weight loss in several ways

  • Enhance your diet and exercise plan
  • Energize your workout
  • Curb food cravings

essential oils for weight loss


Five best essential oils for weight loss

  • Grapefruit essential oil

The essential oil of grapefruit comes from grapefruit peel, which is rich in D-limonene and nootkatone. Boththerapeuticcompounds help support your metabolism as well as draining your lymphatic glands. A systemic review and randomized control trials by two independent research groups showed that grapefruit decreases systolic blood pressure and reduce circulating lipids (i.e., fat) (1, 2). It is therefore perfect for switching your body into a fat-burning mode to melt fat away and simultaneously control your blood pressure.

Grapefruit juice is shown to lower blood glucose levels by suppressing the generation of glucose in the liver (3).

Mix grapefruit oil with patchouli oil for best results. Diffuse it in your office or home, add several drops to your water, or massage some onto your chest and wrists when the craving strikes.

  • Cinnamon bark essential oil

If you have a sweet tooth, cinnamon bark essential oil will help control your blood glucose levels and the rate at which glucose is released into the blood. When your blood glucose level is optimal, you avoid sugar cravings, lethargy, and weight gain. For that reason, cinnamon oil is ideal for people with diabetes who intend to lose weight. A randomized triple-blinded clinical trial conducted in 2016 showed that the use of cinnamon in addition to conventional treatment is recommended to adjust the weight in type 2 diabetic patients (4).

Cinnamon extract is also shown to regulate insulin sensitivity, inflammation, and cholesterol metabolism (5). It also improves your antioxidant defense(6).

Furthermore, the cinnamon extract has a browning effect in subcutaneous adipocytes (fat cells). Browning of fat cells increase energy expenditure and reduce obesity. Cinnamon extract curbs obesity by improving your ability to metabolize fat(7).

  • Lemon essential oil

The lemon essential oil contains the medicinal compound limonene that helps dissolve fat in your body. Lemon oil also helps to detoxify toxins that can get stored in the fat cells.

The zesty scent of lemon essential oil will boost your mood by increasing norepinephrine levels in your brain.

  • Ginger essential oil

The ginger essential oil is excellent for improving your digestive health. It contains gingerols, which reduces inflammation in your intestines. Reduced inflammation enhances the absorption of vitamins and minerals, giving you energy. Gingerol also improves your exercise endurance capacity by facilitating your muscles in burning fat (8).

Helps you to burn calories (thermogenesis) and suppresses feelings of hunger (9).


How to use essential oils

You should consult your doctor before incorporating essential oils into your weight loss management regime.

When using essential oils for weight loss, topical application is your best bet. Before application, dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil. Suitable carrier oils include coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. Applying undiluted essential oil directly onto your skin may cause irritation or inflammation.

Alternatively, you can diffuse the essential oil. Not only would it make your house smell great, but also boost your mood. Keep switching the essential oils that you diffuse to avoid getting immune to them. You may also add a drop of the essential oil into your food or drink.


Risk and warnings

  1. Do not use undiluted essential oil.

When undiluted, essential oil may cause irritation and inflammation. Add one ounce of carrier oil to every 12 drops of essential oil and then do a patch test. Apply the diluted essential oil on the inside your forearm to determine how your skin react. If you do not experience any adverse reactions after 24 hours, the mixture should be safe to use.

  1. You may be more susceptible to sunburn.

You should wear sunscreen when using essential oils topically. They can make your skin hypersensitive to the sun.


The Bottom Line

We all know that the most common way to lose weight is to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Nevertheless, essential oils can help you lose weight when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

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