What We Offer:

A network of medical experts and chronic pain sufferers to enable one-on-one and group discussions to take place

A discrete online pain diary that allows our panel of medical experts to evaluate your condition and progress

An individual online program. Features include sensor-directed personalized exercise therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy & private coaching.

Chronic pain affects 20.5% of the world population. A fifth of the world’s entire population struggles daily to perform simple activities and enjoy life. The majority of these people suffer quietly. Sharing their pain with experts and other sufferers allows alleviating the loneliness that surrounds chronic pain.

Well Prevail is on a mission to improve the quality of life of chronic pain sufferers. We have a team of medical experts that strive to provide science-backed digital solutions to chronic pain.

Well Prevail is founded by a medical researcher who is determined to discover a solution to alleviate chronic pain, and aims to incorporate scientific-based methods for pain relief. Our non-invasive, drug-free chronic pain management methods will offer you access to pain relief at the comfort of your own home.

Well Prevail is a destination where chronic pain sufferers can:

  • Seek advice and strategies to ease their pain
  • Search for curated products that can help to mitigate chronic pain
  • Search for information to help understand their condition